The energy certificate

The energy certificate - the type certificate for your building
The type approval for your building

Building permit? Housing subsidy? There is no getting around an energy pass! It is, so to speak, the type certificate of your building and provides information about the energy figures of a property. In this way you can sustainably reduce your energy consumption.

With ever stricter legal requirements for the renovation of existing and new buildings, the energy consumption in the building sector is to be sustainably reduced. Energy Changes offers you a comprehensive range of services competently and completely from a single source!

We support you, for example, in sustainably reducing your existing energy consumption or in planning your new building efficiently. We create energy certificates for all types of buildings, carry out building-related energy audits and certifications, implement sustainable energy systems and take care of funding management and financing issues.

Trust our many years of experience in the field of construction & renovation and save money and energy with our help!

Our experts rupert.wychera [at] (subject: Fragen%20zum%20Energieausweis) (Rupert Wychera) ( +43 676 847 133 220 ) and markus.fischer [at] (subject: Fragen%20zum%20Energieausweis) (Markus Fischer) ( +43 676 847 133 223) will answer your questions.


What do I need the energy certificate for?

  • for every new building, extension or renovation according to Lower Austria building regulations.
  • for your application for housing subsidies for new buildings, renovations or heating replacement.
  • every time a property is rented, leased or sold.

Energy certificates may only be calculated and issued by authorized and qualified persons. Each energy pass is valid for ten years from the current date of issue.


What do the key energy figures say?

  • HWB: The heat requirement describes the amount of heat that must be supplied to the rooms for heating.
  • EEB: In addition to the heating energy requirement, the final energy requirement also takes into account the heat requirement, the hot water requirement, the heating technology energy requirement and the household electricity requirement. The final energy requirement corresponds to the amount of energy to be purchased.
  • fGEE: The overall energy efficiency factor is the quotient of the final energy requirement and a reference final energy requirement

The key energy figures are calculated for the respective location climate and for a reference climate. The reference climate is used to make it easier to compare different buildings.