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Up to 40% funding for energy measures
Thermal renovations, energy efficiency measures and the use of renewable energy sources not only reduce your energy consumption, but also your costs in the long term. In the case of best practice examples, up to 40% of the energy-related costs are funded.
MPower initiates crowd equity round
MPower faces the urgent challenge of creating clean energy access for those parts of the African population that were previously excluded from the energy supply.
Expansion of energy from renewable sources
The government bill for the Renewable Expansion Law was passed in the Council of Ministers on March 17th. With the renewable energy communities defined therein, citizens, local businesses and public institutions will in future be pioneers of the energy transition.


Energy Efficiency in Companies
Increasing energy efficiency means that there is money for every company. Professionally implemented energy efficiency measures not only reduce costs, they also make a valuable contribution to climate and environmental protection.
Consulting,Energy & Climate Protection
We have supported over 50 climate protection projects worldwide by registering with international and national authorities and verifying emission reductions.
Research & Development
The development of sustainable energy and sustainability concepts requires proper preparation. At the interface between technology, business and science, we develop innovative approaches with our partners.
Grant Programs & Financing
Measures for climate and environmental protection are widely subsidized. We support you extensively in your applications with support and grant schemes.
Energy efficient buildings
With ever stricter legal requirements for the refurbishment of existing and new buildings, energy consumption in the building sector is to be sustainably reduced. Again, we offer you a comprehensive range of services, competent and complete from a single source!
Project Development Renewable Energy Projects
Climate protection is our topic. We accompany our customers in the realization of solar power plants and biomass district heating systems. Does a plant pay off?