Investments in economy and climate
Use the federal investment premium of up to 14% for digitization, greening and health.
Upstream Emission Reduction (UER)
Energy Changes is successfully developing the first projects officially registered as UER projects under the European Fuel Quality Directive
Green Finance 2020
With the new state funding program “Green Finance”, the ancillary costs of a crowd investing campaign can now be funded by up to 50%! A sensible measure with the aim of initiating and implementing climate protection projects in Austria.
Investing in the future of energy - clearly arranged on one platform!
The climate crisis is a global problem that affects and challenges all countries equally. In the future, all of our projects will be clearly arranged on the Crowd4Climate platform. Nothing will change for you as an investor, on the contrary: It will be easier and clearer.
"Big Picture" by (C) Robert Six/
In a workshop of the Climate and Energy Fund, the stakeholders worked out possible applications, opportunities and challenges for future storage technologies.
Solar power at ADEG-Binder
At the ADEG businessman Johann Binder in St. Andrä-Wördern, every customer was able to contribute financially to the construction of the photovoltaic system on the roof of the store.
Picture: Ringhofer Hans
With the aim of securing the standard of living for the next 30 years and continuing to be an attractive residential location in the vicinity of the federal capital, the 5 eastern municipalities of the Tullnerfeld have come together. Together they want to preserve and shape the region.
To protect your health and that of our employees, your projects will be processed by our employees at home. We are happy to assist you by mobile phone or email.
In 2017 the FREAGER project was started in Papua New Guinea, financed through the Global Environment Facility (GEF). The mid-term evaluation will now be carried out in spring 2020.
solar power
The NAMA Facility has approved financial support for two solar PV projects in The Gambia. The facility committed € 11.7 million for the installation of 10.5 MW of solar capacity.
Innovations in public procurement law
The European Commission has set lower thresholds for the award of contracts. These are based on an artificial currency unit created by the IMF. An adjustment is made every 2 years according to the change in the exchange rate against the euro.
The energy certificate - the type certificate for your building
Building permit? Housing subsidies? There is no way around an energy certificate! It is, so to speak, the type certificate of your building and provides information about the energy key figures of an object. This enables you to sustainably reduce your energy consumption.
Gottfried Heneis focuses on the gate
Also this year, a total of 27 teams from organizations and companies from the ÖGUT network fought hard for the challenge cup - Energy Changes played with sophisticated tactics and a lot of commitment to the coveted trophy.
"Apple strudel" for the start of the crowdfunding campaign
A few days ago, a new campaign was launched on our Crowd4Climate crowdfunding platform. This time it's an energy efficiency project in Brazil.
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The Ministry of Climate Change and Natural Disaster (MCCND) launched Vanuatu’s Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC) Implementation Roadmap and Vanuatu’s Integrated, Monitoring, Reporting and Verification (MRV) Tool.
Photovoltaic system on the island of Vanuatu
In 2016, the government of the island nation of Vanuatu set itself the goal of generating 100% of electricity from renewable energy sources throughout the country by the year 2030. Since autumn 2018, intensive work has been going on on the Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) Implementation Roadmap.
On behalf of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), Energy Changes is developing a system for Measuring, Reporting and Verification (MRV) of greenhouse gases and sustainability effects for national climate protection measures in Ethiopia.
Fotostudio Wurst / ARGE Kraftwerke Unteres Traisental
The “ARGE Wasserkraftwerke Unteres Traisental” in the KEM has come a decisive step closer to achieving the goal of making the Traisen fish passable. Three fish ladders with a total investment volume of around two million euros have been completed.
Together with the Austrian Society for Environment and Technology (OGUT) Energy Changes is building up a crowdfunding platform for financing climate change mitigation projects with a geographical focus on Least Developed Countries (LDCs).

Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions or NAMAs are becoming increasingly important as a means to finance carbon mitigation activities in developing countries. Energy Changes has been an active player in this innovative field since the very beginning, and has become a leading consultant for...

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