100% electricity from renewable energy

Photovoltaic system on the island of Vanuatu
Completed work on the NDC implementation roadmap in Vanuatu

In 2016, the government of the island nation of Vanuatu set itself the goal of generating 100% of electricity from renewable energy sources throughout the country by the year 2030. Since autumn 2018, intensive work has been going on on the Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) Implementation Roadmap. The roadmap is the government's roadmap for achieving this ambitious goal. Based on a share of about 25% in renewable energy sources (mainly solar and wind), investments are being made in the further expansion of solar and wind energy. However, by far the largest contribution will come from the use of coconut oil, which is produced locally and used in existing diesel generators for power generation.

The NDC Implementation Roadmap was created by Energy Changes. The work was completed in February as part of a workshop; in April, the roadmap will be approved by the government.


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