1.2 MWp solar system - Kim Duc

1.2 MWp solar system - Kim Duc
New investment opportunity in Vietnam

Three of the company's factory roofs are now to be fully or partially equipped with a solar system in order to supply the company with clean energy. The planned photovoltaic system will have a total output of 1.2 MWp. On the one hand, the solar system reduces the customer's electricity costs and, on the other hand, up to 19,099 tons of CO2 can be saved over the entire service life. The solar system is provided by the Vietnamese company ecoligo VNM Assets One Co., Ltd. established and operated, and financed by the issuer ecoligo Projects Six UG (limited liability) based in Germany via crowd investing.

For your investment, ecoligo offers you:

  • 7% annual interest
  • 5 year term
  • Repayment 25% annuity, 75% due