"Big Picture" at the Focus-Lab1

"Big Picture" by (C) Robert Six/robertsix.com
Innovative storage systems for 2030

With the advancement of the energy transition, the public discussion is increasingly focusing on storage technologies for electricity, heat and mobility. The Climate and Energy Fund therefore founded the storage initiative in 2015. The declared aim here was to provide market participants with information about storage technologies and their areas of application and to facilitate the exchange of experiences.

Phase 2 at the round table started at the beginning of October 2019. The question arises as to where the development of storage technologies in general is headed. This has now been explored in a workshop and the “big picture” for 2030 outlined.

The short, medium and long-term requirements for storage technologies, their possible applications, opportunities and challenges for the fields of energy, industry and commerce, households and new players were discussed together. This created a very good overview of the essential terms, possible uses and criteria.

A striking output of this cooperative process is a visualization by Robert Six. His "big picture" now forms the basis for further exchange between the project partners.