Climate and Energy Fund starts funding campaign

Up to 40% funding for energy measures
Up to 40% funding for energy measures

Thermal renovations, energy efficiency measures and the use of renewable energy sources not only reduce your energy consumption, but also your costs in the long term. With the "Mustersanierung" funding program, the Climate and Energy Fund supports ambitious best practice examples with up to 40% of the energy-related costs.

The reduction of emissions from the building sector is also the central element of the integrated climate and energy strategy #mission2030 of the austrian federal government. Because buildings are responsible for around a third of domestic energy consumption.

Communities, companies and organizations can submit there "Mustersanierung" to the Climate and Energy Fund by February 25th, 2022. Small optimizations to your renovation project often have a big impact on the scope of the funding. Our experts will be happy to support you. If necessary, we can also take over the complete submission and accounting of the federal funding for you!

Because the renovation at the highest level reduces the emissions of the renovated houses to a minimum and that saves you energy and costs!