Climate change at the gates of Vienna!

Picture: Ringhofer Hans
KLAR! Tullnerfeld OST founded

The advancing climate change does not stop at the gates of Vienna. With the aim of safeguarding the standard of living in the next 30 years and continuing to be an attractive residential location in the vicinity of the federal capital, the 5 eastern municipalities of the Tullnerfeld have come together to form the climate change adaptation region (KLAR!). With the conception and submission by Energy Changes, the roadmap for jointly designing and maintaining the region has now been defined.

The areas between the Danube, the foothills of the Vienna Woods and the district capital Tulln have been increasingly affected by the consequences of climate change in recent years. In several areas such as In the event of storm, water or drought damage, there was an increased awareness of the effects of climate change. Since similar problems can be seen in all 5 municipalities in the region, there is now great interest in tackling this topic together through mutual networking. The 5 municipalities of the eastern Tullnerfeld joined forces in 2015 as part of the climate and energy model region to work on various topics of climate protection measures. Since then there has been a successful joint implementation of various projects. The region's positive experiences with the climate and energy model region motivated the municipalities to tackle the important issues of a climate change adaptation region together.

Therefore, the preservation of the open and green spaces of the region should now be guaranteed through clear settlement boundaries. This also serves to protect the soil as an important resource. This in turn reduces the threat of flooding from the Danube and smaller torrents and the effects of heavy rain events are weakened.

"This leads to an attractive landscape and qualitative open spaces that maintain the quality of life in the region": KLAR! Manager Rupert Wychera is convinced of this.