Financial support for green projects

Green Finance 2020
Climate and Energy Fund promotes sustainable investment opportunities with a green finance program

With the new state funding program "Green Finance", the ancillary costs of a crowd investing campaign can now be funded by up to 50%! A sensible measure with the aim of initiating and implementing climate protection projects in Austria.

There are basically two approaches:

  1. Support in the economic presentation of a climate protection project (creation of a business plan) as the basis for successful project financing
  2. Support for ancillary costs when placing on the capital market. Any ancillary costs incurred when financing the project can be funded through a crowd investing platform, for example.

If you therefore need capital to implement a climate protection project in Austria, we would be happy to support you with crowd financing via our platform

The best thing is to contact us today!

Your climate protection project in Austria can be financed through Crowd4Climate - the climate and energy fund bears part of the incidental costs!