"Green Finance" 2022

"Green Finance" 2022
Financing the energy transition

Many project sponsors are looking for financial resources for innovative projects. The Green Finance Program of the Austrian Federal Government's Climate and Energy Fund is aimed at precisely this group.

Wirtschaftliche Projektentwicklung

A major challenge in the development of large investment projects is the detailed presentation of feasibility and profitability - in other words, the projects must be "bankable" for the capital market. As part of the funding program, project developers are supported in creating business plans so that potential investors receive transparent information.

Assistance with incidental costs for green bonds and crowdfunding projects

A stumbling block when placing climate protection projects on the financial market are the costs, e.g. for certifications, capital market prospectuses or platform fees. As part of the climate and energy fund's green finance program, 50% of these additional costs are covered, thereby reducing the overall costs of green bonds and crowd financing projects. As a result, more projects make it onto the market and expand the existing range for investors. The target group of the program are major projects with a volume of up to 50 million euros that are implemented in Austria. Submissions are possible between April 28, 2022 and February 28, 2023 (12 p.m.).

There is concrete support for:

  • Presentation of the business case / profitability (from EUR 500,000 project costs, funding up to EUR 60,000 or up to 70% of the eligible costs)
  • the additional costs to finance projects via swarm financing platforms and green bonds (bonds) (max. EUR 100,000 funding)