Innovations in KPC subsidy rates

Innovations in KPC subsidy rates
What will change for your project?

There are innovations in the subsidy rates of Kommunalkredit Public Consulting, as well as new subsidies in the building sector.

A far-reaching change concerns the funding line “thermal building renovation - comprehensive renovation” for both companies and communities.

Instead of the environmentally relevant additional costs as a funding basis, which are funded with a certain percentage depending on the heating requirement achieved, there is a flat rate (depending on the thermal quality of the renovation) per cubic meter of gross volume of the building before the renovation.

In addition, since July 1st there has been a new funding based on the Forest Fund Act for the "increased use of wood as a raw material" from the Federal Ministry for Agriculture, Regions and Tourism.

New construction as well as extensions and extensions in timber construction are funded. If you have any questions about your project, please contact our funding expert:

Rupert Wychera
+43 676 847 133 220
rupert.wychera [at]