Invest in the future of energy

Investing in the future of energy - clearly arranged on one platform!
Clearly arranged on one platform!

So far we have strictly divided our projects according to the countries in which they are implemented. Projects in developing and emerging countries were brokered via our platform Crowd4Climate and projects in Austria on Crowd4Energy. Beyond that, there is no difference between the two platforms.

With the merger, Crowd4Climate will be THE central platform for participation in sustainable energy and climate protection projects. Whether in Austria, Europe or in developing and emerging countries.

We will implement this merger in the next few weeks. The website will be adapted and all previous projects on both platforms will soon be available on it. In future, new investment opportunities will only be available on the common platform Crowd4Climate, regardless of where these projects are implemented.

What will change for existing investors?

The merging of the platforms only brings advantages for you. The customer accounts will be merged. This means that in the future you can manage all your investments clearly in one account. We will inform the investors separately about the exact time of this change. Until then, you can still register separately at and and view your investments.

All investments and the associated contracts remain unchanged, including those brokered via Crowd4Energy.

We look forward to continuing to present you with interesting and, above all, sustainable investment opportunities. If you have any questions on this topic, please feel free to contact us by email at kontakt [at]