Climate-protecting LED and solar projects in Ghana © Dutch&Co
In June 2022, the record funding amount of 1,114,300 euros was reached for this project.
"Green Finance" 2022
Projects in the field of climate protection and climate change adaptation will be supported until February 28th, 2023 at the latest, of course only as long as the budget of EUR 1 million lasts!
Energy certificates for the Kika/Leiner Group
The basis of every structured building renovation at the Kika/Leiner Group is an energy certificate. This is the type certificate of the building, so to speak, and provides information about the key energy figures of a property.
Our climate reliever © Peter Provaznik
Step by step to local transport bike sharing!? Find out how in the current guide!
Result report of the storage initiative 2.0
Together with the climate and energy fund, our project partners and numerous experts in the industry, Energy Changes developed the ten most relevant implementation measures by 2030 in the area of ​​storage!
After just eight days, AfricaGreenTec's "100 solar pumps for Senegal" project achieved its investment goal of EUR 700,000.
KlimaEntLaster (c) Peter Provaznik
Almost done! In category 3 of the State Prize for Mobility 2021, KlimaEntLaster is one of the top 3 projects!
Agreement signed with Mauritania!
On November 17th, 2021 we will hold a webtalk with the weelectrify.Africa team to report on the latest developments.
Solar energy for Luwire
The private nature reserve Luwire Wildlife Conservancy is replacing its existing diesel generators with a modern photovoltaic system.
The energy certificate - the type certificate for your building
Building permit? Housing subsidy? There is no getting around an energy pass! It is, so to speak, the type certificate of your building and provides information about the energy figures of a property. In this way you can sustainably reduce your energy consumption.
Innovations in KPC subsidy rates
There are innovations in the subsidy rates of Kommunalkredit Public Consulting, as well as new subsidies in the building sector.
1.2 MWp solar system - Kim Duc
The company ecoligo starts its second crowd funding initiative with the exciting project "1.2 MWp solar system - Kim Duc".
The renewable energy community
A Renewable Energy Community (EEG) offers the possibility of using and marketing electrical energy for one's own properties.
Photovoltaic development, planning & investment
Do you want to set up a PV system? Does a system pay off? How big should a system be dimensioned? Which legal bases do I have to observe?
Up to 40% funding for energy measures
Thermal renovations, energy efficiency measures and the use of renewable energy sources not only reduce your energy consumption, but also your costs in the long term. In the case of best practice examples, up to 40% of the energy-related costs are funded.
MPower initiates crowd equity round
MPower faces the urgent challenge of creating clean energy access for those parts of the African population that were previously excluded from the energy supply.
Expansion of energy from renewable sources
The government bill for the Renewable Expansion Law was passed in the Council of Ministers on March 17th. With the renewable energy communities defined therein, citizens, local businesses and public institutions will in future be pioneers of the energy transition.
Invest in climate protection!
For the first time in the history of Crowd4Climate, you now have three different investment options to choose from at the same time. The campaigns are very different, and yet they have a common goal: climate protection!
You can support the ShareTheMeal campaign
Together we were able to make an even bigger difference and supported the food for 4,619 children.
Energy Changes rides an electric transport bike
Today we're raving about our new company entrance. Stylish, agile and nimble. High loading volume, great quality and a beautiful look.
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