MPower initiates crowd equity round

MPower initiates crowd equity round
Invest sustainably until April 5th

Over 600 million people in Africa live without access to electricity. In addition, there are millions of people who are connected to the power grid, but who regularly have to do without it due to failures and malfunctions. Half of those affected live in sub-Saharan Africa, where today less than 35% of the population is connected to an electricity grid.

Supported by the “crowd”, MPower faces the urgent challenge of creating clean energy access for parts of the population who were previously excluded from the energy supply. MPower is tackling this problem with full vigor and after only three years has its own local team in three markets (Zambia, Cameroon and Togo) and has also been able to gain further sales partners in Botswana, Malawi and Mali. In addition, the young company is currently preparing to enter the Ghana and Namibia markets. MPower was also able to set up a strategic partnership with South Pole, the world's largest developer of emissions reduction projects, and is also supported by a “TA Facility” from responsAbility, one of the world's largest impact investors. In this project, the credit risk assessments of our end customers are assessed on the basis of data analysis.

In addition, every solar system helps to avoid almost 1 ton of greenhouse gases per year.

After a first successful crowdlending campaign, MPower is now running a second campaign. Your investment enables more than 1,000 households and small businesses to deliver sustainable and affordable solar products.

End customers can equip their home or business with light, charge mobile phones or use radios, and all this completely free of charge with the help of the sun. Our larger systems also provide enough energy for the use of an energy-efficient refrigerator, television or other products such as solar pumps.

Affordable energy not only leads to an increase in the standard of living through better educational opportunities and increased security thanks to light in the dark, but also represents an important impetus for the economic activity of the population.

Investment opportunity on Crowd4Climate until April 5, 2021.

The startup will start with a crowd-equity round and with this support wants to expand, strengthen existing projects and launch new, innovative projects. In order to avoid an overlap in the financial rounds, MPower's Crowd4Climate campaign will be terminated prematurely. So you still have time until April 5th, 2021 to invest in the current MPower project. Find out more on the project website.

For information on the projects and the crowd equity round, please refer to the MPower website or your LinkedIn profile. As a little help to better understand the difference between the two types of financing, MPower made an explanatory video: