New company access

Energy Changes rides an electric transport bike
Energy Changes rides an electric transport bike

Today we're going into raptures: whether our new company entrance.

Stylish, agile and nimble.
High loading volume, great quality and a beautiful look.
The latest technology, comfortable to sit on and be on the go.

Thanks to our new, motorized, beautiful Riese-Müller Packster, cycling is as stylish as it is sweat-free. Finding a parking space is easy, as it is hardly wider than a normal bike. Not only we ourselves but also our surroundings experience once again that a considerable part of inner-city commercial traffic can be handled quietly and in an environmentally friendly way - by bike and impressively comfortably by e- Transport wheel.

The City of Vienna has been promoting e-transport bicycles for companies since February 2020.

You can find information on the Austrian funding situation here.