New investment opportunity

Solar energy for Luwire
Solar energy for Luwire

The private nature reserve Luwire Wildlife Conservancy is replacing its existing diesel generators with a modern photovoltaic system. By saving the running fuel costs, the investment will be repaid in 6 years.

The investment issuer is the Luwire Wildlife Conservancy Foundation, based in London. The purpose of this foundation is to finance the extensive activities in the Luwire nature reserve in Mozambique.


The nature reserve

The Luwire Wildlife Conservancy was awarded the first private concession by Niassa in 2000. It is one of the most significant wilderness areas within the Niassa Special Reserve. Located on the southeast bank of the Lugenda River, the reserve covers an area of ​​450,000 hectares and benefits from 300 km of river banks. To date, nine caves with indigenous paintings have been discovered. Luwire is a prehistoric wilderness with incredible diversity in terms of geography, flora and fauna - and includes miombo forests, granite island mountains, open savannas, wetlands, floodplains and river forests.

The Luwire Wildlife Conservancy is focused on fighting wildlife crime to protect the wildlife on the Niassa Reserve. A favorable infrastructure of roads (1,200 km), 9 airstrips and 6 camps enables extensive nature conservation research, monitoring and evaluation efforts.


The Project

The project includes the purchase and installation of 4 photovoltaic systems in the Luwire nature reserve. A larger system will be installed in the main Lugenda camp and 3 smaller systems in other camps in Luwire. Overall, these photovoltaic systems will have an installed capacity of around 40kWp. The planning of the photovoltaic systems by the local company "Swiss Solar Lda" in Mozambique has already been completed. You can find technical details about the photovoltaic system on the project website.


Investment offer

The investment requirement for the photovoltaic system is 170,000 euros. The minimum funding threshold is 50,000 euros.

The issuer offers you for your investment

  • 5% annual interest at
  • 6 years term and
  • Annual annuity repayment from March 31, 2022

All other details can be found on the project website.