PV systems are all the rage

Photovoltaic development, planning & investment
When do you build your solar power plant?

Do you want to set up a PV system? Does a system pay off? How big should a system be dimensioned? Which legal bases do I have to observe? We work out these questions together with you. We then take care of all permits, plan the system for you and monitor implementation.

We offer alternative financing options for your solar power plant, assess the performance of ongoing climate protection projects and point out optimization options in order to take the best possible path in the current funding landscape.

Our technical experts are at your disposal for your inquiries:

gottfried.heneis [at] energy-changes.com (Gottfried Heneis)
+43 676 847 133 700

rupert.wychera [at] energy-changes.com (Rupert Wychera)
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