The renewable energy community

The renewable energy community
Your way to community energy use!

A Renewable Energy Community (EEG) offers the possibility of using the electrical energy generated by a municipality for one's own properties, as well as marketing it to private individuals or commercial enterprises or integrating their renewable generation systems (RE systems).

As a participant in an EEG from

  • lower network charges, exemption from taxes and duties
  • regional added value
  • a hedge against fluctuations in global energy markets


In order for the first EEGs to be implemented, the EU directive must be implemented in national law. The necessary renewables expansion law is to be passed this year. Until then, we can do the preparatory work together to start implementing your EEG quickly.

We do for you:

  • Demonstration of the framework conditions
  • Examination of the implementation of an EEG
  • Planning and development of the EEG
  • Implementation support


Our experts are happy to answer your questions:

gottfried.heneis [at] (Gottfried Heneis)
+43 676 847 133 700

rupert.wychera [at] (Rupert Wychera)
+43 676 847 133 220