Solar Micro-Grid launched

Solar Micro Grid on Malekula Island in Vanuatu
Environmentally friendly energy for 2,800 people

The solar micro grid planned by Energy Changes has recently been put into operation on Malekula Island in Vanuatu. The basis for the implementation was a detailed feasibility study prepared in 2017. The implementation that has now taken place was financed by the Austrian Ministry of Life.

Over 2,800 people can now supply their houses with environmentally friendly energy via the PV micro grid that has been implemented. In addition, the public facilities in the Southwest Bay region such as the Wintua Primary School, the Wintua Secondary School, the health center, the provincial office, the police, the community center, the market area and the airport building are connected.

The project is implemented by the Ministry for Climate Change in cooperation with the UN Development Program (UNDP). The installed PV system is an independent solar microgrid with 230/400 VAC and 50 Hz, combined with 48 V batteries. The installed solar PV system is a stand-alone 230/400 VAC 50Hz solar micro-grid combined with 48V batteries operating 24 hours and 7 days a week.

As a featured success of the installed solar PV micro-grid system, Wintua secondary school will be able to save up to EUR 15,000, that it usually spends on fuel alone every year . In addition, the availability of electricity is now possible without restrictions.

Easy access to electricity is thus a catalyst for education, rural development and economic growth and a successful example of successful development cooperation.