Solar power - welcome home!

Solar power at ADEG-Binder
Voucher model for photovoltaic project

The constant power consumption of the ADEG store is the ideal prerequisite for installing a PV system. On the basis of our consumption analysis, Mr. Binder decided to implement a photovoltaic system with 95 kWp.

The customers also had the opportunity to participate in this solar power project.

With the purchase of solar power vouchers not only could the 300 modules of the PV system be financed and thus made a decisive contribution to environmental protection, but also the purchasing power in the region could be sustainably strengthened. Because the remuneration takes place in the form of solar power vouchers.

Energy Changes supported Mr. Binder with an awareness consultation about the ecological operational consultation of the WKO Lower Austria as well as the subsequent detailed consultation steps for technical planning, tendering and promotion of the PV system. We were able to bring in our many years of experience with different models of population participation in the conception, design and advertising of population participation.

Key data of the PV system System power:

95 kWp Orientation:                  east-west

Number of PV modules:            300

Mounting system:                      flat roof system with 10 ° incline

Forecast annual energy yield:    100,000 kWh / a

Self-use coverage:                      80%

Annual CO2 savings:                 70,000 kg CO2 / a

Performance guarantee:              25 years