Successfully financed!

Climate-protecting LED and solar projects in Ghana © Dutch&Co
Climate-protecting LED and solar projects in Ghana

Dutch&Co has been active in Ghana since 2011 and has an impressive track record with over 100 LED projects and 22 solar projects with a total installed capacity of 1,560kWp. The crowd financing is intended to enable the development of several climate-friendly photovoltaic solar projects and LED energy-saving projects at companies in Ghana.

The money collected by the crowd serves as start-up financing, which enables Dutch&Co to develop and install up to 20 MW of photovoltaic systems over the next two years. In addition, a small part of the loan is to be used to redeem a short-term bank loan in order to be able to release a pledged property and make it available as a pledge for this project.

In June 2022, the record funding amount of 1,114,300 euros was reached for this project. The investors from Crowd4Climate, together with our partner platform bettervest, financed the climate-protecting LED and solar projects in Ghana by the company Dutch&Co.

With the implementation, 27,000 MWh of solar power will be generated annually, thereby saving 11,610 tons of CO2! This will also create more than 45 new jobs. We wish Dutch&Co all the best with the implementation of the project!