Cargo bike project "KlimaEntLaster"

  • In the project KlimaEntLaster we get in contact with companies and communities and carry out on-site surveys in order to assess which transport processes or goods are suitable for the switch to cargo bikes
  • According to the results, companies will be allocated suitable e-transport models depending on availability,so that they can be tested for one month
  • They are accompanied by an advisory service,after which the test month is evaluated
  • Diverse application possibilities of transport wheels are thus made tangible for companies and municipalities by means of a long-term test
  • The switch to CO2-neutral means of transport can be tested for logistic routes and operational processes

The aim of the cargo bike project "KlimaEntLaster" is to make it possible to experience the wide range of possible uses of cargo bikes for selected companies and communities, thus enabling the switch to CO2-neutral means of transport for transport routes and operational procedures. The project takes place in the Climate and Energy Model Regions (KEM) Amstetten North and Amstetten South (corresponds to the district of Amstetten and the city of Waidhofen / Ybbs) and brings in the first phase the possibility for long-term tests of cargo bikes in up to 20 companies. After a detailed assessment which type of bikes are suitable for the relvant work processes or routes in their company, they can test a suitable cargo bike for one month at a time. The gathered experience shows whether this form of mobility ais generally suitable for companies. In recent years, countless applications of cargo bikes have proven suitable. Although most cities in Europe are now aware of these facts, the full potential of cargo bikes is far from being used. This is especially true in rural areas and small towns. There is great potential for avoiding the use of conventional cars, especially on short delivery journeys and in internal traffic. In addition to cargo bikes for the transportation of goods, passenger bikes - especially for the nursing and therapeutic sector - are offered for tests in clinics and care facilities.