International Climate Policy

Hydroelectric power station
  • General NAMA identification and evaluation,
  • Country background analysis,
  • Analysis of the policy environment, including policy recommendations,
  • Developing NAMA targets and modelling of NAMA GHG and socio-economic baseline,
  • NAMA interventions selection, eligibility criteria, impact estimation,
  • Defining institutional and sectoral capacity development needs,
  • Costs and finance of the different NAMA interventions, such as rural electrification based on renewable sources,
  • NAMA Measurement,Reporting and Verification (MRV) manual design including sustainable development benefits,
  • NAMA implementation planning,
  • Description of business models and crowding in of private sector involvement,
  • Workshops and stakeholder consultations, Capacity building, MRV training, Promotion and marketing of NAMAs

Evaluation, developmentiona and implementation of over 20 NAMAs / NDCs sectoral climate policies for clients such as GIZ, Governments of Nigeria, Vanuatu, UNDP, World Bank etc