Training and network support of Climate- and Energy-Modelregion managers (KEM)

Training and network support of Climate- and Energy-Modelregion managers (KEM)
  • Conception, organization, content development and organization of training and networking events for managers (MRM) of climate and energy Model Regions (KEM)

Once again, we have been commissioned by the Climate and Energy Fund to plan, organize and lead the networking and training process for the managers of the 95 Austrian climate and energy model regions.

These 95 regions have set themselves the goal of becoming energy self-sufficient and implementing particularly exemplary and exemplary projects. The secret lies in the use of regional resource wealth and a clever mix of renewable energy production, measures to increase energy e ffi ciency and intelligent control.

The aim of the climate and energy model regions program is to support the regions as a model region when they are founded or during the development phase. This process - one of Austria's most successful initiatives in recent years - has been guided by the Austrian Climate and Energy Fund since its inception, thus supporting Austrian regions in the energy transition.

Within Austria there are three training courses per year, each lasting 1.5 days. The aim of the training & networking events is to provide the existing and new KEM managers with know-how and tools for carrying out climate protection measures in the respective region. At the same time, ideas for successful, regional projects should be imparted by the constant exchange with each other and by getting to know best practice examples.